2nd annual Scarecrow Trail at Lost River Cave! Last Year’s Was Huge!

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Tuesday, September 24th, 2013 2:00 PM CST

From Lost River Cave and Valley:

What would make 6,000 men, women and children take a walk in the woods?  Scarecrows?!  Yes, Scarecrows! Last year’s first annual Scarecrow Trail at Lost River Cave was a huge success.  Local families toured the trails meeting new acquaintances, greeting old friends and making memories.

Getting out in nature with your family is fun.  Most of us have special memories of time spent growing up outdoors, but childhood activities are increasingly moving indoors.  We need your help in the fight against “Nature Deficit Disorder!”  Sign up for the 2nd Annual Scarecrow Trail and bring our families outdoors again.


Proceeds from the Scarecrow Trail provide funding for nature-centered activities that ignite an excitement and curiosity about nature that kids never outgrow.  With your help we will:

•   Manage the only Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom in Western Kentucky, designed to provide a safe place for the unstructured play our kids need
•   Provide on-going restoration of the 20-acre Barrens Prairie with native grasses, wildflowers and trails perfect for bird watching
•   Maintain the man-made Wetland that cleans stormwater and supports a growing number of wildlife species and educational programs
•   Administer and run the River Birch Room which provides program and classroom space for the whole community
•   Provide the Kids Discovery Cave Crawl and Junior Naturalist programs that give children first-hand opportunities to explore and reconnect with nature and the environment

 Lost River Cave is a not-for-profit organization.

Planning Your Scarecrow

Search the internet for scarecrow ideas, there are lots of good examples. Think about your favorite movie villain, cartoon character, sports figure or forest animal…or even better – a Bowling Green person, place or thing.


What you will need:
• Boards and sticks for back support and arms
• Clothes are usually the easiest part, search your closet and thrift stores for colorful outfits and accessories
• Plastic bags for stuffing arms and legs
• Rope, string, staples, glue or paint
• Remember the details! A glittering pair of high-heels or slick pair of shades may be just what your Scarecrow needs


The head and hair:

• Facial expression is the first thing a viewer will notice.  Draw a face with a permanent marker or sew a face with pieces of felt or colored cloth
• Make a head by packing plastic bags into an old pillow case or pour paint into a one-gallon plastic milk carton to coat the inside
• Options for the head could be gourd, pot, wood, ball, pillowcase or burlap bag
• Ideas for hair: yarn, broom, shredded plastic, moss, raffia, or old mop head
• Attach the head by pulling it down onto the top of the post and attaching with a wire, nails or staples

Scarecrows will be subject to weather for the entire month. They need to be constructed with weather-resistant materials and “Scotchgarded.”  Clothing that does not fade easily, such as nylon and polyester will hold up better than cotton. Do not use latex gloves, as they quickly disintegrate outdoors.  You can stuff fabric or leather gloves for hands.

Newspaper or water-soluble peanuts will not hold up to weather.  Plastic bags are a good option.  Newspaper can be placed inside plastic bags for stuffing. Perishable produce, like pumpkins, cannot be used.

Make sure your scarecrow is attached to the frame at the ankles, waist and shoulders to maintain the stability of your design.  These ‘crows stay outdoors in the valley, so make sure everything is secure.  Sewing is best, but large safety pins or staples will work.  Clear tape will not hold up to weather, but colored electrical tape works well.  Paper Mache, even with Scotchguard, will not last the whole month.

Larger ‘crows or displays (requiring more ground space than a standard ‘crow on a frame) can usually be accommodated, but please coordinate this with us so that we can plan for extra space.


Thank you for supporting Lost River Cave by participating in the Scarecrow Trail!  Your creativity and hard work will get your scarecrow noticed and help advertise your support of the Nature Center at Lost River Cave.

1. Judges will determine one scarecrow winner in each of the following categories:
• Best Traditional Scarecrow
• Most Frightening Scarecrow
• Best Corporate Themed Scarecrow
• Best of Show Scarecrow

2. Set up will begin September 27th and 28th from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.  Each Scarecrow will be assigned a location and number. You must have an appointment time to set up your scarecrow.  Please call 270-393-0077 or email annie@lostrivercave.com .

 3. We will provide an eight-foot tall 2”X4” wood post with a 2 foot cross-bar for shoulders attached to a 1.5” pipe that can be placed over pre-set stakes in the valley.  If you prefer, you may build your own frame, just be sure it can be secured to the ground.  A sign indicating the sponsor of the scarecrow will be provided and installed by Lost River Cave.

4. Scarecrows should be complete by your appointed installation day. Staff will assist you in transporting your ‘crow to its designated location but may not be able to stay with you as other appointments will be waiting. Scarecrow locations are not decided until installation day.

5. Scarecrows must be in good taste; those that reflect controversial social or political situations will not be accepted.  Scarecrows must be constructed to withstand weather conditions.  Lost River Cave reserves the right to remove any scarecrow that does not meet these standards.  No handouts, promotional materials or free giveaways can be associated with any entry.

6.  Lost River Cave is not responsible for any loss or damage to entries.  It is your responsibility to check on your Scarecrow periodically and freshen it as needed-especially after inclement weather.  Your entry represents your organization; so, you’ll want it to look great the entire time.  Please help to insure that the Scarecrow Trail looks great for the whole month by checking it periodically.

7. Lost River Cave reserves the right to use photographs of the entries for future publicity.


A panel of judges will begin reviewing the entries on September 29. Winners will be announced October 7th on the Lost River Cave Facebook page.

The winner in each category will receive free boat tours.  The Best of Show Grand Prize Winner will also receive a free River Birch Room Company Picnic including up to $200 for catering.  Lost River Cave will also award winning ‘crows with recognition banners at their site.
All entries must be kept on display until Sunday, October 27, 2013.    You may pick up your Scarecrow at the barn between October 30 – November 2.  Please note: Any Scarecrow left at the barn on Sunday, November 3 at 8 a.m. will be disposed of.

Please contact annie@lostrivercave.com or call 270-393-0077 for further information  |  Lost River Cave, 2818 Nashville Road, Bowling Green, KY 42101

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