This Friday Come Out To Community Farmer’s Market and See Bill and Linda of Stoney Creek Farms! Here is a little about the Meat they sell!

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Friday, September 20th, 2013 1:00 PM CST

Fall has arrived with the cooler air and beautiful weather. We love the vendors and Farmers at Community Farmers Market. They spend time educating us about the project and making the shopping experience pleasant. That’s why we love Stoney Creek Farms.

Stoney Creek Farms be at the Community Farmers Market from 8am – 1pm located in the parking lot of the “Old Mall” at the intersection of Nashville Rd. and Campbell Lane in Bowling Green. The list of what they have available is below. Remember, you can always place an order today and it will be waiting for you when you arrive at the market.

Dry Aged Black Angus Beef ground – $5.00/lb. patties (3 – 1/3lb.) – $5.50/pkg. chuck roasts – $6.00/lb. porterhouse steak – $13.00/lb. cowboy steak (bone-in rib-eye) – $11.00/lb. T-bone steaks – $11.00/lb. round steaks (tenderized) – $6.00/lb. heart, liver & tongue – $3.50/lb.

Pastured Chicken half “grillin” chicken – $5.00/lb.

Pastured Pork medium -hot sausage – $10.00/2 lbs. mild sausage – $10.00/2 lbs. ground pork – $5.00/lb. pork patties (3 – 1/3lb.) – $5.50/pkg. 1” pork chops – $6.50/lb. pork ribs – $4.50/lb. Boston Butt – $6.00/lb. 1 lb. Lard – $6.00 2 lb. Lard – $11.00

Hickory Smoked Dog Bones – $5.00 each

About the Meat From Stoney Creek Farms:

Pastured Beef, Pork and Chicken All our beef, pork and chicken are raised without the use of antibiotics or added growth hormones. Our beef is available all through the year. Calves are born and raised on grass at our farm. Only the last couple of months are they fed some grain to enhance the marbling of the meat. The beef is dry aged for 10 to 14 days to enhance flavor and tenderness. Our pork is also raised on pasture and fed extra garden vegetables, milk and whey along with their local grain ration. Our chicken will be available at the end of June. They are raised on pasture and have a diet of grasses, milk, local grains and lots of sunshine. We will have a limited supply.

Herd Shares Available You can enjoy the fresh real milk from your portion of the herd. We have Jersey and Jersey cross cows that produce sweet, creamy, smooth milk. They graze continuously on pasture with clovers, alfalfa and other grasses. They receive a small amount of grain while milking. For a one time fee of $30.00/ herdshare and a monthly board fee of $26.00, you can enjoy the healthy benefits of one gallon of real milk per week.

Bill and Linda Lewis 5224 Hiseville Park Rd. Horse Cave, KY 42749 (270)565-3944 StoneyCreekFarmMeats.com is their website.

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