A Personal Note from Chef Josh Poling on Burger Night to honor cafeteria workers as the new school year has taken flight (Burger Night Menu Inside)!

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Wednesday, August 14th, 2013 3:30 PM CST

Words for the unsung hero, the school cafeteria worker from Chef Josh Poling:

Tonight we pay homage to all the cafeteria workers getting the school year started right. While there is a ton of negative press these day surrounding school lunches, it is important to remember the individuals who work in these cafeterias are truly heroes. The job doesn’t pay well, the hours are crazy (usually first lunch has to be up by 10 AM), there are no high quality ingredients, and they have strict illogical dietary standards set by the state. Before coming to Bowling Green, Chelsey ran a daycare cafeteria in Lexington and it was the most challenging position for a chef, because your hands are completely tied.

So here’s to all the wonderful cafeteria workers out there! I have very fond memories of my lunch ladies at Cumberland Trace, and although those ladies are long retired, they could straight up cook! So if you work in a cafeteria thank you and tonight we honor you the best way we know how…on a burger!

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