Lost River Cave Geocaching 101 Series: “Hiding a Cache” On Sunday!

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Friday, August 9th, 2013 1:00 PM CST

Sunday August 11th, from 2-4pm Lost River Cave will conduct Geocaching 101: Hiding a Cache. Lesson: Participants will learn proper etiquette for hiding a traditional cache, the types of caches available, how to evaluate the cache (difficulty level…) and how to publish it on geocaching.com.

Hands-on: Participants will break into groups, hide ready-made caches, provide information to another team and find each other’s caches.

This is all part of the education series they offer. Geocaching is a hot new sport that is attracting thousands of players. Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunt using hand-held Global Positioning System receivers and a set of Latitude and Longitude coordinates. The Global Positioning System (GPS) enables people to locate a specific geographic position accurately—anywhere in the world—using a GPS receiver unit. Once a person has hidden a treasure (or “geocache”) and recorded the location, another player can locate the geocache using a GPS unit. The Geocaching 101 series classes will teach participants how to use a GPS receiver unit and how to successfully participate in the game. Bring your own GPS unit or share one during the event. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in learning about the activity. Each 101 session will consist of 1 hour of class room learning and 1 hour of hands-on seeking. Geocaching is a wonderful activity for families and outdoor enthusiasts. Because of the various difficulty levels in geocache hunts, people of all abilities can find suitable challenges. Our Geocaching 101 class is designed for adults and children.

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