Announcing Projekt Beergärten from Spencer’s Coffeehouse! This Will Be A Great Addition To Fountain Square Coming in August!

By Justin Shepherd, foodcoffeelife.com
Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013 9:00 AM CST

The rumors are true: Spencer’s will be hosting the occasional afternoon of spirited sippage throughout the summer and fall, and it all begins at 4p Thursday, Aug. 1.

Bell’s Brewery of Michigan will be the featured brewer, and we’ve chosen two of their most popular offerings to kick off our Projekt Beergärten concept. The first is Two-Hearted Ale, a hoppy, malty IPA with fruity aroma and surprisingly smooth finish. The other is Oberon Ale — not only is it one of my personal favorites, but its balance of malted wheat and citrus is perfect for the temperature and temperament of summer.

It’s a simple concept — great beer in a relaxing environment, away from the noise and bustle of a typical bar or the formality of a full-service restaurant. And it’s something we’ve longed for in downtown Bowling Green, so we decided to take it upon ourselves to create it.

We’ll be featuring different beers throughout the season, and we’ll switch up the days and times. We’ll keep you informed (via Facebook and Twitter) on upcoming Projekts, and we’ll remain open as usual inside Spencer’s for your nourishment and caffeination needs.

So grab a friend (or two, or ten) and join us on Thursday, Aug. 1 for Projekt Beergärten, in the courtyard just out the back door of Spencer’s Coffee. After all, everyone needs to relax sometimes.

— Justin, for Spencer’s

PS: If you’re wondering whether this means Spencer’s is now “a bar,” rest assured that it does not. We do anticipate offering a very limited selection of craft beers in our daily operation, expanding our already diverse menu of casual dining options. Sleep easy knowing that we will not serve alcohol to anyone under 21, nor will we allow drunkenness or debauchery to ruin the great things we’ve got going on. Spencer’s is founded on the vision of providing great coffee and food in a relaxing environment, and doing it in a way that appeals to people in all ages and stages of life — and though we change a lot of things around here, that’s a vision from which we’ll never stray.

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