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By Elizabeth Downing, mytimesavers.net
Thursday, May 6th, 2013 1:00 PM CST

When my daughter was very young, she would roam from door to door in our neighborhood, ring the bell and ask “Do any kids live here?”  Now, I knew she was lonely sometimes being an only child, but really – door to door seeking of playmates seemed a bit much!  What she got in the process, though, was something so much more wonderful and longlasting than an afternoon of playing games.  My daughter’s persistence ultimately gave her at least two sets of surrogate grandparents, two couples who have loved her, followed her growth, encouraged and counseled her, and treated her just like they do their own grandchildren.

My daughter was very lucky to have three grandparents until just last year.  Since that time, she has lost two of them.  But she has always embraced with great gusto the grandchild/grandparent relationship, and has grown up knowing it doesn’t have to be limited to blood relationships.

One thing I try to do with Timesavers is carry over the feeling of family that is so precious to me.  Our whole team tries to make sure all of our older clients know they are valuable to us and that we appreciate everything they have brought and will continue to bring to the world.

Now I don’t go around knocking on doors randomly looking for someone to play with, but I hope my philosophy about the older people in the world reflects the fact that I enjoy their company and think they have a great story to tell and a great contribution to make to young people like my daughter.  I know my daughter has been given a great gift by her surrogate grandparents and all of those people who have been kind enough to allow her into their lives.  I hope we can all be so lucky.

*Originally posted in October

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