News Of The Week From SKY Farmer’s Market! Great Weekend To Head To The Market!

By Traci Brosch, skyfarmersmarket.com
Friday, April 19th, 2013 10:00 AM CST

Wholesome Eating

How do you define wholesome eating? I personally define it as eating foods as close to the way they were originally created as possible.

-Whole                        -Unrefined

-Fresh                          -Unprocessed

-In season                   -Without preservatives, additives, “enriching”

-Organic                      -Not genetically modified

-Minimal cooking

We are are so fortunate to be able take this opportunity and try wholesome eating because of what the farmers at SKY Farmers market provide. Right now there are several lettuces…celery, baby bok choi, arugula, green onions, carrots, and beautiful hydroponic tomatoes available.

Farm fesh eggs are available at a few different locations within the market. Not only do they cook better and taste wonderful but you have the opportunity to ask the farmer what they feed and how they feed the chickens.These factors play a vital role in the outcome and final product.

Wholesome eating simplifies our eating choices

We don’t have to obsess over RDA’s and the amount of this or that nutrient, because…Whole natural foods naturally have all the good stuff!

The transition from Not-so-whole to Wholesome:

From white (refined) to colorful

From packaged (processed) to fresh

From dead (cooked) to living (raw)

From nutritionally depleted to nutrient rich

From redundant to the incredible variety

Of colors, aromas, textures and flavors of WHOLESOME FOODS
Little changes to your plate can lead to BIG improvements – make whole plant foods the focus and your meals will burst with vitamins, minerals and healthy nutrients

Just add greens- toss a handful of arugula or spinach in the bottom of your bowl before you ladle in your soup or chili.

Get some Omega -3s by topping your meals with pumpkin seeds, walnuts or ground flax seeds.

Use a little broth for an oil-free sauté’- simply heat the pan, toss your food and when it starts to stick, add a little splash of broth- especially good with garlic and onions. The O’Daniel’s will have the chicken along with their beef and pork so if you want to try the broth you can.

The Importance of Wholesome Eating:

The Food Industry would like us to believe they have improved our diet by processing, enriching, or isolating of nutrients, but  if this were true shouldn’t it follow that American health would be improving as we continue to make these modifications? And we all know that as a nation, it is going the other direction.  But as individuals,  we can decide whether we’re going to continue eating the Standard American diet and repeating the Standard American symptoms and diseases or are we going to take charge of our eating, and feed our bodies what is needed for optimum health.


What will be Available this week ?

Delicious cheeses, wonderful wines, beautiful art, dog biscuits galore, goats milk soap,hot breakfast,and plants a plenty. These are just  a few of the many offerings the SKY Farmers Market will have this Saturday. We are growing and would love for you to come out and meet some of our new vendors. 100% local 100% of the time.

Dan Crocker should be there selling his delectable wines so please tell him thank you for the music hook up”The Alley Cats” who did a live performance at the last  market Not only does he have good taste in wines but his love of good  music is apparent.

Both options for vegetable plants or flowers  will be there this Saturday. So if you are in the mood to do some landscape remodeling to impress your neighbors or just some good ‘ol backyard vegetable growing, SKY Farmers Market can help make your  dreams become a reality. 100% LOCAL 100% of the time.

There was a big rush on dog treats last week so I am sure Jim Sears has ramped up production for his K-9 friends.

Tracy Willoughby will have her beautiful clothes as well as her aromatherapy line available.She is a one stop shop…not only will you look MOVALOUS you will smell and feel MOVALOUS.

Tim and Kellie will have all of their wonderful offerings available  so if you would like to redecorate your walls for the Spring or add a splash of whimsey to the table with a great  centerpiece that can be used time and time again you need to stop by and see them for sure. While you are there and if you are there in time you can buy some wonderful eggs, But you have to get there early because they go fast.

This week we will be celebrating EARTH DAY and to help get the party started please bring your recyclable plastic bags to trade in for one of our  SKY Farmers Market bags. The deal is for every 10 plastic bags you bring in we will take $1.00 off the price of the jute bags (50 plastic bags gets you a free reusable jute) and our t-shirts will be on sale for $10 instead of $15.

This year we have two choices and you will want and need both. You have the option of a beautiful jute bag with black trim – it is  a little taller than last years version. This bag is ideal for the long veggies such as celery and some of the Asian type veggies. With its snazzy black trim you will certainly be noticed anywhere you take it. There will be no arrests by the fashion police! It is the ideal accessory to see and be seen with…The other jute bag is last years beauty that was brought back by popular demand. The inside has a lining that helps keep everything nice and fresh, orderly and clean.

Please remember that the early bird gets the worm. There might be a few surprises at market this week and in the coming weeks. Spring is still springing and new seasonal plants are blooming and that means berry season and asparagus season  are getting close. Not only will there huge rewards for the foodies but each week new and different vendors are appearing. Come on out and see your favorites and also make some new friends.

Please also remember we are going to be open on TUESDAY and you can shop a few of the vendors with ease and comfort and just do your socilalizing on Saturday. Either day our farmers are here to provide you and your family with top quality locally grown produce and serve you to the best of their ability.



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