Grace’s Umbrella {be prepared for aging with grace} From Timesavers Concierge, Caregiving & Chauffeur Now Available for Purchase Online!

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Thursday, April 4th, 2013 7:00 AM CST

The Grace’s Umbrella from Timesavers Concierge, Caregiving & Chauffer is a beautiful gift to Bowling Green. Grace’s Umbrella products were developed both from research and from the personal experiences of the Timesavers founders in assisting their own family members through difficult situations. The products are an integration of practical planning and the fact that information is most invaluable when it is coordinated and organized.

Grace’s Umbrella Preparedness Project

The comprehensive tool for gathering all pertinent information required when an emergency, accident or other crisis occurs.  Important for all ages, but particularly for those at a stage of life during which information might begin to be lost, the Preparedness Project binder allows you to record all information on paper and includes a CD with PDF fillable forms if an electronic version of the information is preferred.  GUPP also includes a Living Will/Advanced Health Care Directive and a Durable Power of Attorney recognized as legal in Kentucky, along with additional resources and helpful information.

Grace's Umbrella Workbook

Grace’s Umbrella Workbook

Grace's Umbrella Workbook

The Workbook is a condensed version of Grace’s Umbrella Preparedness Project.  The Workbook is a paper format including forms which allow you to record the most essential information needed to be kept in one place.  Forms include personal contacts, medical history and current status, including prescriptions, legal and financial information, and funeral and estate plans.  Not as complete a record as the Preparedness Project, the Workbook nevertheless allows you to coordinate and integrate a large amount of vital information in one place.  The Workbook can be purchased alone or with a CD with PDF fillable forms.  The CD can also be purchased separately.


Check out their facebook page.We look forward to working with ‘Timesavers’  A great place to make your life easier.

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