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Friday, February 15th, 2013 1:00 PM CST

Pizza is a VERY subjective topic. Isn’t all food. Probably so but nothing seems to get people excited and passionate like pizza (BBQ is maybe the only other topic). That’s why there seems to be a pizza war going on in Bowling Green and I had to see what the fuss is with Lost River Pizza Co. and their Award Winning Traditional Wild Boar.

Most of our reviews will talk about atmosphere but we took this bad boy home. So let’s jump into it.


In most reviews we have an appetizer or we have a special drink a salad, not on this one. This one is all about the Pizza. We took these photos when we received it for pick up:

Visually the pizza does the taste little justice. It’s a good looking pizza, better tasting.

The Cheese just kept going and going. That’s some great Wisconsin Cheeses with great local ingredients to make the hot, sweet and flavorful pizza.

So, I got the pizza home and dished it out. First, the pizza only comes in 12 inch thin crust, which to me is perfect. Not to large and the crust compliments and doesn’t become the focal point of the pizza like some of the local chains new to town.

I went in with some mixed thoughts on the pizza. I heard rave reviews from many and some skeptical opinions on their pizza from others. Like I said, it’s a touchy topic. Well, in the first bite, I became a fan. It’s because I could taste that kick right away from Banana Peppers. Chef Andy explained to me his recipe for pickling the Banana Peppers come from his grandmother. Well, grandma knew what she was doing.

Then, if you get this pizza you will taste a sweet taste with the hot which is a great compliment. The cheese you could tell helped balance it but to us eating the pizza the real hero was O’Daniel Farms contribution to the pizza, nearly a pound of the O’Daniel Farms Sage Country Sausage. Do yourself a favor and just taste the sausage on it’s own. It’s brilliant.

The unique, Bowling Green toppings of Andy’s Grandmother’s pickling recipe for banana peppers and O’Daniels country sage sausage were baked on a made from scratch honey whole-wheat crust (no sugar). They drizzeled with local Kentucky honey (kicking up the sweet quation), smothered with their signature 5 cheese blend and Tillamook Cheddar and lightly seasond with coarse black pepper and sea salt.

TIP: When you go to other places for pizza, ask where they get their ingredients. At Lost River Pizza Co. they take the time making their pizza healthier and better with a dedication to fantastic ingredients. That’s one of the reasons this pizza works so well. It’s loyalty to local traditions that has world wide appeal pizza makes this a Bowling Green Original that must be tasted.

Overall: Can you see why this pizza won the “Best Traditional Pizza in the Southeast” and finished Top 10 in the world at this years International Pizza Challenge? The question remains, is this the best pizza in Bowling Green? Well, we’ve learned not to step into that fight. For a pizza with thin crust, sweet notes (but not overkill of sweet) with a warm kick and a remarkable blend of local ingredients we will continue ordering this bad boy if that tells you anything. The cost is $21.95 and it’s worth every penny.

*Originally posted in August 2012

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