Tamales by Amanda, One Of Many Brilliant Businesses Part of Community Farmers Market and A Hit On Tuesdays at Home Cafe and Marketplace.

Amanda’s Tamales are now a Staple on Tuesdays at Home Cafe and Marketplace.

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Friday, February 8th, 2012 9:00 AM CST

Before I, your humble publisher, moved to Bowling Green, Kentucky I lived in Alabama, Maysville and Lexington Kentucky as well as my birthplace in Southern California. One thing most transplant Californians to Bowling Green are always looking for is a good Mexican restaurant or someone who can make a good tamale or other Mexican culinary delight. Even in a recent magazine that touted Mexican food as “America’s Favorite Food” they said Mexican food lacked the most in Central Kentucky. Well, maybe they realized South Central Kentucky had a great option with the arrival of “Tamales by Amanda.”  Coming from Texas Amanda knew how to make a Tamale, “I started making tamales years ago in Texas. All the siblings gather a few days before Christmas and we make up a huge batch for the holidays. My stepmother taught me how to roll them. I spent some time selling illegal tamales on Craigslist to make ends meet, next thing I knew I had repeat customers, and people were being referred to me by friends.”

Then, Amanda got a reprieve, “I kicked around the idea of the farmer’s market as soon as we found out we were moving to Kentucky, but never could seem to make everything fall into place. Last fall a friend who hosts a co-op group for bulk buying said the words “Let’s do a tamale co-op” We had an open house at her place and a ton of people stopped by to try them.” We love many ideas for local businesses start with friends talking.

“We went through about 30 dozen that night and I all the sudden had a ton of orders. I knew Michelle through babynet and asked her what I needed to do to become a vendor. She was ridiculously patient with me while I was trying to find a commercial kitchen and get my permits in place. I started at the market on Dec 8th, and everyone was so welcoming! Customers were asking where my restaurant was and at the time I didn’t even have a table cloth!  I had quite a few people tell me I needed to talk to Josh at Home Cafe. I took him samples and Tamale Tuesday was born!”

Chicken Tamales!

Check out Community Farmers Market facebook page. We look forward to working with ‘Community Farmers’ Market’  A great place to make your food that much better. Plus check out Meltdown {simply delectable iced cream} facebook page.

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