Rob Baas of Countryside Food Rides Takes Us To ‘Spillway Bar and Grill’ with His Post: “For Hire Will work for wings. Or BBQ. Or a steak.”

By Rob Baas, countrysidefoodrides.com
Friday, December 28th, 2012 9:00 AM CST

On the Countryside Food Ride trips, I usually don’t tell people at the restaurants what I’m doing.  Some are curious about the GoPro, but it’s just a helmet camera for making motorcycle videos like they see on that there YouTube thing, right?  Right.  So it’s been cool over the last year or so to hear from business owners who have come across the blog and liked the pictures that they didn’t know I was taking.  It probably helps that I’ve had great experiences on nearly every trip, so my comments have been largely positive.  [Sorry, Dovie’s…  I’m sure I’ll love the burgers when I finally get to try one!]
A lot of these places don’t have any web presence other than the customer reviews on sites like Urban Spoon, which rarely feature any photos.  So I do try to get some good pics of the food, knowing that they might be the only ones people see after Googling a restaurant in the middle of nowhere they haven’t been to before.
Some businesses have asked to use pictures from these stories for their own websites or Facebook pages and that’s fine with me, although credit is appreciated.  And of course we can get better pics if I make a planned visit to stage some shots of favorite menu items.  To be clear, I am not a professional photographer — I don’t even have a good camera.  But I like taking these pictures, and I think they’re pretty good because I get hungry when I look at them.  And I like to barter.  Email me if interested.
Here are some images from the first such session at Spillway Bar & Grill:
Hot Wings.
I actually took this picture earlier this year.  They liked it.
I like those wings.
Spillway Sampler.
Cheeseburger & Onion Rings.
Cheeseburger & Onion Rings II.
Taco Salad.
Taco Salad II.
Fried Fish Basket.


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