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Friday, November 30th, 2012 9:00 AM CST

It’s an old saying, but oh so true – time flies!  And it flies whether we’re having fun or not, so we might as well make the most of it.  Today I attended my niece’s college softball signing ceremony, and darned if she wasn’t actually a young woman standing up there instead of that baby girl with the Fischer Price ball machine and child’s plastic bat.  What happened?

Our most precious commodity is not oil or gas or gold or silver.  The most precious gift we have is time, and it is the one commodity we tend to waste without a second thought.  We put off the time we could be spending with family, we create stress by making our to-do lists miles long when we could just as easily hire someone to do some of those things for us, and we fail to value the little moments that can leave lasting memories.

My daughter is a junior in high school now, and sometimes I could kick myself for wasting time arguing with her about what she’s going to wear to school when I could be imparting all of my wisdom to her instead.  On second thought, I shouldn’t kick myself because I’m trying to make a point – making a good impression involves many things, including looking neat and somewhat like you haven’t slept in your clothes.  And if a few of my moments are spent making a point, I guess I’m good with that.

I do wonder how many minutes I have wasted, though, when we could have been making memories.  Timesavers is about allowing families to make their own memories, giving them the freedom to allow someone else to do the mundane things that take time away from loved ones, and encouraging the time families spend together to be special times rather than stressful times.

I’m a big believer in things happening for a reason, and I know grace is what led me to this business, to helping people and trying to make a difference in their lives, just like so many people have made a difference in my and my family’s lives.  Because of the power of grace, I give thanks this week for all my blessings, including the blessing of time, and I renew my commitment to making the most of every minute of it.  Won’t you join me?  Don’t let time fly past you – grab it and hold on tight!

Check out their facebook page.We look forward to working with ‘Timesavers’  A great place to make your life easier.

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