Buy Local Bowling Green Restaurant Review: “A Taste of Europe.”

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Friday, November 16th, 2012 11:00 AM CST

The best kept secret in Bowling Green is easily a ‘Taste of Europe.’ For most who have eaten here, they put this place in their rotation of restaurants to have dinner or lunch. Honestly, I’m not a native of Bowling Green so when I moved here I had heard about the restaurant but never could find it. Why? because it’s in a fascinating building that is flanked by ‘United Furniture on both sides at 1006 State Street in Downtown Bowling Green. This restaurant is where you go for Gyro and some of my favorite fries in Bowling Green.


This is a classic ‘shotgun’ style building you find in Bowling Green. Much like Bowling Green Pipe and Cigar or 3 Brothers or Papa Tops it’s a very long restaurant but not wide. It’s got a diner feel with the bar and then one row of booths behind it. The art on the wall is a bluish tint to some of the greatest attractions in Europe. There is also patio seating but, I love to sit inside and watch as they cut the spinning meat:

The sign, I always missed this sign.

Looking into the restaurant.

Looking out from the booth.

The painting on the walls.

“Hey Look kids, it’s ‘Big Ben.'”-Clark Griswold

Just across the street from the Presbyterian church and Sen. Paul’s office.


We were hungry, and it all looked so good. Here is what the menu has on it:

 Just so you know in advance, I love Tzatziki so I don’t much stray from the Gyro. Plus they come with those crispy fries. The Gyro is wrapped in a nice pita, has onions, lettuce and tomato with that wonder full Tzatziki. I could just see the Gyro meat spinning and it was beautiful:

I went traditional but sometime I am going to try the western Gyro:

The beautiful close-up.

I must say, the meat is seasoned very well. It’s not spicy at all but has enough flavor that someone like myself who likes a kick enjoys the gyro. My fellow 2 guests went with something off their sandwich menu as well since it was lunch. One often gets the Greek Burger.

It’s basically a hamburger patty that they grill up nice and cut in half. Then they add it to a pita with lettuce, onions, tomatoes and he added Swiss cheese. Add those fries and you have a burger with flare. Too be honest, if I eat a burger I want a burger but this thing my buddy swears by.

Our other dining buddy was trying to lose weight. Yeah, I don’t know why we brought him either. So, he got the grilled chicken on his gyro. I’ve actually had one of these and it’s very good. I mean, good enough you forget that they are using a low fat grilled chicken to make the gyro. The seasoning on the chicken is fantastic and it has all the other filling that a regular Gyro with beef has in it. Although, he still ate the fries so, I think this thing was a diet in theory:

As I write this, that chicken is calling my name.

TIP: This is a great family owned business. You meet the owners right when you walk in. Take the time to get to know them. Wonderful couple and as you can tell by the photos on the wall they are proud of their son who is in Medical school. It’s one of the reasons I love eating here. You can see the American dream right before your eyes.

Overall: It’s so worth it. After food, drink and tip it’s around $11 for each of those meals (I tip 20-25%).  The Tzatziki sauce, the spinning meat, American dream story, the cool narrow building the fact you can get a beer at lunch with a sandwich…. it all works for me. This is not going to be a food you see in Bon’ Appetit but, that’s why you are not coming here.

It’s the great comfort food we want on this cold winters day that helps satisfy our craving. They are open Monday-Saturday 11am-9pm. Fan them on their facebook page and go by and have a nice meal and say hi for us:

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