BLBG Facebook Fan Page Friday: SlowMoneyFarms!

By Admin, BuyLocalBG.com, BuyLocalBg@gmail.com
Friday, November 9th, 2012 7:00 AM CST

Are you worried about increasing food choices? Are you concerned about how your food is raised? Do you dread seeing one more recall and wishing there was more choice in your food decisions?  There is! Many consumers just like you are concerned and looking for options. We have food choice options.Down to earth investing & growing. Small farm using heritage breeds & heirloom varieties. We appreciate your support!

Also continue the “Facebook Fan Page Friday” trend with fan of SlowMoneyFarm. We are hoping you as fans of local arts will start fanning the pages of some of our local businesses, arts and organizations. SlowMoneyFarm (Click Link to Fan Page) is a great place to be better informed about food for kids, teens and adults. Also, to be more in touch with the buy local community, fan the page!

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