Your WKU Hilltoppers Are BOWL ELIGIBLE! Want To Reserve Your Bowl Tickets and Show Everyone That HILLTOPPER NATION Is Behind This Team? You Can Do It RIGHT NOW!

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Wednesday, November 7th, 2012 11:00 AM CST

With WKU’s bowl eligibility, Hilltopper fans can now make deposits on tickets for a potential WKU bowl game. The below link will allow you to make your deposit. Before clicking that link, fans are encouraged to read the frequently asked questions regarding your reservation for bowl tickets.

(How much is the deposit to reserve bowl game tickets?)

The 2012 WKU football bowl deposit is $10. This deposit reserves your tickets to the bowl game that WKU is chosen to attend. Once the bowl game is decided and ticket prices are released, your $10 deposit will be used toward the overall price of the tickets that you buy.

(What if I reserve multiple tickets for the game? Does that change the deposit amount?)

No, it does not. In fact, no matter how many tickets you reserve for the game, you will only be required to make a $10 deposit, which will reserve all of your tickets. That $10 amount will be used toward the overall total of the purchase.

(What if I reserve multiple tickets to the game, but don’t end up needing all of them?)

No problem at all. If you reserve more tickets than you actually need, those extra tickets will be inserted back into the system and you will not be charged for them. Once the bowl is decided, you will be contacted by a WKU ticket representative to confirm your order.

(When I find out where WKU is playing, how do I go about obtaining my tickets?)

Once WKU is officially selected for a bowl game, a member of the ticket office staff or a member of the Hilltopper Athletic Foundation will contact you regarding your tickets. At that point you would finalize your order.

(What is the advantage of reserving my tickets now?)

By reserving your tickets now, you are guaranteed a ticket to any bowl game that WKU is chosen to attend. Once the bowl game is announced, all fans that have reserved tickets will be contacted immediately to fulfill their order. Also, by reserving your ticket, you are showing that Hilltopper Nation supports the WKU football team and its quest to bring the best crowd possible to a bowl game.

(What happens if WKU is not chosen for a bowl game? Do I get my money back?)

Yes, you will receive a full refund if WKU is not selected for a bowl game.

(What happens if WKU’s bowl game doesn’t fit my personal schedule? Do I get my money back?)

Yes, you will also receive a full refund for this. We understand that not every game will fit everyone’s schedule, so you will be refunded your full $10 if you reserve your tickets, but are unable to attend once the schedule is released.

Still have more questions? Contact the WKU ticket office!

Toll-Free: 1-800-5-BIG RED
Local: (270) 745-5222
E-mail: tickets@wku.edu

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