Earn Reward Points At Tea Squares! Get a Sweet Treat and No Need To Carry A Card Around To Do It!

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Thursday, October 18th, 2012 12:00 PM CST

We all love to earn a treat. Every time we go to Tea Squares we are rewarded with a great meal and you know the desserts are out of this world. What if I told you that you can reward yourself and build up to a future reward… confusing? Well, head over to Tea Squares Facebook page. On the rewards page, sign up to start earning reward points for great stuff from Tea Squares!

Also, don’t forget about the great cookie bouquets:

Beautiful cakes that are actually cookies.
Champagne for the wedding party.

Also, don’t forget the I ❤ BG main cookie in bouquet with green and white large and small cookies adorned with hearts. Large cookies are 5+ inches ($5); small are approx 3 inches ($3.50). 50 cents.

Fan them on Facebook if you want more updates!

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