Grace’s Umbrella Will Help You Navigate the Waters Of Aging or Helping An Aging Parent. A New Feature From Timesavers Concierge, Caregiving & Chauffeur in Bowling Green!

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Wednesday, October 17th, 2012 7:00 AM CST

We love this book, ‘Grace’s Umbrella.’ It asks the questions you need to ask if you have an aging family member or you yourself are heading for the golden years. Here is how it was best described by Timesavers Concierge, Caregiving & Chauffeur:

Grace’s Umbrella is a process formulated to help you navigate the difficult waters encountered with aging parents, spouses, or others for whom you might be providing care. So many areas must be addressed when a trauma, injury or noticeable decline occurs to someone you love—Timesavers can provide you with a method to coordinate the information necessary to address all areas, from medical to legal to social to family relationships to organization of important documents to lodging choices and meals and nutrition.
Timesavers creates a system through which you can anticipate and address all of the questions that might arise in the life of a family or caregiver. We provide a method to put everything under one umbrella, bringing you peace of mind. When the first phone call comes, you are prepared and calm, knowing you have a plan in place.

Timesavers can serve as your guide to coordinating the information and decisions necessary, or we can assist you in finding the right professionals to meet your needs. We are also happy to do much of the legwork and organization for you. Regardless of how you utilize our services, Timesavers has as its goal making your life simpler, your foundation for decisions stronger, and your information base complete.

When a call comes that a parent or other loved one has fallen or suffered a traumatic event, panic often ensues, particularly if you live away from your family member.
Grace’s Umbrella is the answer—using our plan will allow you to begin the process of answering all of the questions that might otherwise never seem to end, then know that your Umbrella is there when the rain comes. Don’t be caught unprepared when it is so simple to have peace of mind!

Check out their facebook page.We look forward to working with ‘Timesavers’  A great place to make your life easier.

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