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Monday, October 15th, 2012 11:00 AM CST

From Slow Money Farm’s Description: “We are actively moving forward with signing customers up for custom grown foods where we’re at, and looking at building towards property in Bowling Green, Kentucky (Opens in November). This allows expansion in what we can offer, as well as serving the target area we seek to live in. We started where we are, with what we have on a cash basis. With consumer demand increasing for food traceability and concerns of how your food was grown and processed, we offer solutions.

The land we’re building on is a small farm just off I-65 on Mouth of Gasper Road. For now we are in northwest Alabama, about an hour from Birmingham and three hours to Nashville, which we visit when we can. We will serve customers in these cities as well as St. Louis, and will have more options as we get land of our own.

We have farm shares starting at $500, insuring quality meats, processed at a family operated USDA inspected facility whenever possible. We’ll have limited restaurant options available too, featuring pork, rabbit, lamb, chicken, goose, duck and a limited amount of beef and possibly other offerings from time to time, exclusively for our active supporters. What you get is customized – if you love pork you can choose just that, someone else may have religious beliefs to avoid pork but are interested in other meats. We can do that. This is a chance to get lamb, rabbit, chicken, duck, goose, pork and (limited) beef, as well as eggs.

Heritage and rare breeds have a home and a job here, with poultry including Dominique, Rhode Island Reds, Rhode Island White, Delaware, three types of cornish (dark, white laced red and buff), brown leghorn, Australorp, Barred Rock; Sussex, Buckeye, Americauna; Muscovy ducks, Midget White turkey featured, with our foundation flocks already started. We also raise rare – Giant Chinchilla, Silver Fox – as well as more common Satin and crossbred rabbits. We have a couple of Californian doe that will be the foundation of a line of “B10” rabbits that once were very popular as meat rabbits, developed by crossing on the Giant Chinchilla bucks. We feature many slow food “Ark of Taste” breeds, as well as more popular breeds and crosses.

Ask about custom raising from vegetables to meats to herbs! We can provide a great tasting deal.

We’re raising funds not only to serve more customers but to purchase the property we’ve found, without bank financing.We’ll be updating this with some special things for those at different levels. Payment via PayPal.

See our shopping page, as well as from time to time special offers on IndiGoGo or other campaigns where we work towards earning enough for shed additions and other improvements.”

Check out their facebook page. We look forward to working with ‘Slow Money Farms.’

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