On The Farm with Home Cafe and Marketplace’s Chef Josh Poling and Need More Acres Nathan Howell.

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Wednesday, September 5th, 2012 9:00 AM CST

Lately Chef Poling has made some news talking about the importance of eating local. Not just as a consumer but as a restaurant. Even explained, “Why I am Still Serving Cantaloupe.” Well, obviously we had to head out to Need More Acres Farm and meet with the man behind the awesome Tomatoes at Home Cafe and Marketplace.

This was one of those times where we just let the camera roll because of Chef Poling and Nathan’s love of food was worth letting them talk and not editing one bit of their conversation. There love of grapes, tomatoes and growing locally sourced produce is amazing:


Want to see the proof of the difference in tomatoes they were talking about?

Side by side comparison of local tomatoes from community farmers market vs the field pack Home Cafe and Marketplace’s national supplier. Which would you prefer?

Here is some more beauties from Need More Acres:

If you are interested in keeping updated with what Chef Poling and Home Cafe and Marketplace have planned ahead fan them on facebook, or keep tuned in here! Also, check out Need More Acres facebook.

*Photos by Need More Acres.

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