SKY Farmer’s Market Farm Profile: Hepner Honeybee Farms.

By John Hepner of Hepner Honeybee Farms
Friday, August 17th, 2012 9:00 AM CST

2012 has been an interesting year in the honeybee apiary. (As if there is ever an un-interesting year keeping bees!) Just like any farmer/producer enduring a variety of atypical weather patterns, beekeepers have dealt with the same bounties of production and challenges of extremes this year.

When spring began sprouting produce earlier than usual this year, honeybee behavior was no exception to the rule. Bees began to forage nectar and store honey beginning in late February. March and April were robust months for honey production as the weather patterns “clicked” just right for most of the typical spring blooms of locust, tulip poplar, clover, and a variety of wild flowers.

As quickly as the honey boom started, the honey bust was just as rapid when the extremely hot and dry weather of June began. But for beekeepers who had healthy and strong colonies coming out of winter, ready for the earlier than usual honey flow, an “above average” year of honey production is being reported by most.

Hepner Honeybee Farms is excited to have a full line of honey and beeswax products to offer the SKY market shopper for the next few weeks. We will have liquid honey in various sized jars, chunk honey, (which is honey along with pieces of honey comb in the jar) and cut-comb honey by the box.

We are especially excited this year about our expanded offering of 100% pure beeswax candles. All of our candles are hand made by us here at the farm, only with wax produced by our bees. We also have 1 oz. blocks of pure beeswax for anyone who may prefer to make their own soap, lip balm, or skin care products.

John Hepner of Hepner Honeybee Farms will be back at the SKY Farmers Market this weekend and each Saturday while supplies last.

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