“From Farm To Table” Getting To Know SKY Farmer’s Market: Garich Family Farms

Garich Family Farms

By Tim Brelig and Kellie Diamond, skyfarmersmarket.com
Thursday, August 16th, 2012 10:00 AM CST

In March 2010, Pete and Jeanne Garich left Sarasota, Florida to begin a new and totally different venture. The two long time bankers left the air conditioned office and headed to the outdoors. Driven by the desire to offer superior food products to an appreciative community, they landed in Southern Kentucky.

Bordering on the banks of the beautiful Barren River and rising to one of the highest spots in Barren County, the Garich Family Farms is approximately 100 acres of thick green grassland, wooded bluffs and thickets, with abundant wildlife.

Nestled in this natural beauty is a twenty first century farming marvel, a 15,000 plant vertical hydroponic growing system. This method of sustainable farming is capable of producing fruits and vegetables without using soil. Plants are fed a naturally formulated diet of nutrients and water on a regular schedule that is controlled by a modern microprocessor. All this is situated on less than one half acre of land.

hydroponic strawberries
Hydroponic Strawberries at Garich Family Farms

Garich Family Farms does business as Strawberries+ because of the special varieties of day neutral strawberries and an ever changing selection of other nutritious and delicious foods such as green beans, peppers, and herbs.

Other products offered are locally made strawberry jam and strawberry sorbet, a great summer time treat! Pete Garich of Garich Family Farms raises summer strawberries and a variety of other specialty produce on his Barren County farm. This is his second season at the SKY Farmers Market.

We’ve enjoyed working with the Farmer’s Market this season. Check them out online. Fan SKY Farmer’s Market on facebook. SKY Farmers Market is open Tuesday 7am till 1pm and Saturday 7am till noon.  Located at 5th and High Streets on The Medical Center Campus this years market will feature all the old vendors plus several new vendors as well.

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