Why Every Man Should Go To A Barber, Like Classic Cuts and Shaves.

By Tracey Pace, classiccutsandshaves.com
Tuesday, August 14th, 2012 7:00 AM CST

Included in the requirements in barber schools are some of the same requirements which hairdressers study, like basics of perming and coloring hair. However, the most important area of training for barbers includes an additional 300 hours of training specific to hair cutting and clipper work as well as techniques for using shears. In addition to using hot lather for neck shaves, barbers are required to learn the fourteen steps of the straight razor facial shave-a dying art that is considered a hallmark of the profession. It’s the polar opposite of the everyday ‘cut and go’ haircut at the big chains.

Some barbers still offer the traditional hot lather shave using a single blade razor. I can’t think of anything more relaxing for a male than multiple hot steam towels and someone else doing the shaving, not to mention the awesome facial massage some barbers also include!

While hairdressers occasionally use an attachment called a ‘clipper guard’ for most of the hair cutting work, barbers will use a clipper blade-big difference! On the other hand, the basic training for the hairdresser/cosmetologist is geared more toward female clients, with the focus on coloring, perming and styling. These services are not of interest to most men.

A word of caution guys: if you go into on of the ‘big chain’ unisex salons and ask for a ‘number two,’ she just might reach for a clipper guard, which has far more spacing between the ‘cutting teeth’ leaving some hair longer than others, and longer than the Barber’s number two blade would (less spacing between the cutting teeth), which will leave your hair exactly one quarter-inch long. It’s a big difference if you want a tight clipper cut.

There are many different types of barber shops out there from which to choose, depending on the you want and the service desired as well as the preference of a male or female barber. So, next time you see the familiar red, white and blue striped pole, stop in and rediscover the barber.

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