Bistro Now Serving Fresh Catch From Hawaii! Plus Check Out the New App for your Smart Phone!

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Monday, August 13th, 2012 11:00 AM CST

We’ve mentioned it before but it needs to be stated again, The Bistro serves fresh fish from Hawaii. That’s right, it was in the Pacific near Hawaii and on your plate in Bowling Green, Kentucky in less than 24 hours! What would cost you a nice amount of cash and a long plane flight is made easier:

Wahoo Sashimi

Crab, Tuna and Thai Curry Chicken Salad Sliders.

Fresh Chilean Sea Bass

One of the best ways to get an order from a restaurant or a reservation is via the phone. But, with the apps from The Bistro you are able to place orders, pay for them and have them delivered or ready for carry out. Not to mention the chance to place a reservation and see the menus. All apps are free of charge and they have been delighting BG for over a year now.

Looking for a restaurant to celebrate a special occasion or maybe you just want to order in for a group of friends and enjoy a good meal? Well, now the Bistro is only as far away as your droid or iPhone.

Download iPhone app here.

Download Droid app here.

For those of you who want to just order via the computer…. there is always the website or call 781.9646 for reservations, carry out or delivery orders.

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