Tomorrow is The 2nd Annual Dog Days of Summer Event at SKY Farmer’s Market!

By Tim Brelig and Kellie Diamond, skyfarmersmarket.com

Friday, August 3rd, 2012 9:00 AM CST

We’re a dog friendly market, and next weekend we’ll be throwing a dog party to let our four-footed friends know just how much we appreciate them. There will be live music, games, contests, and activities for you and your pooch.

The Bowling Green/Warren County Humane Society will be on hand for the event, showing off some of their furry buddies, providing information, and collecting donations for the animal shelter. Bring an item to donate to the shelter and you’ll be entered in a drawing to win one of our new sage-green organic cotton SKY Farmers Market t-shirts.

Items that are always needed at the shelter include:

  • Cat litter (clay, not scoop)
  • Bleach
  • Copy paper
  • plastic litter boxes
  • double sided food/water bowls

In addition to our doggy activities, blues funk guitarist Dave Givens will be performing live music and masseuse Juanita Rodriguez will be offering free massages to SKY Market customers beginning around 9am.

Information For Dogs Visiting the Market

Good Dog

The SKY Farmers Market is a great place to get out and spend some quality time with your family, get some exercise and fresh air, and socialize with all kinds of friendly people and other dogs. Here are some tips and suggestions to help make it a fun time for everyone.

Stay Close. It’s a busy place. With so many people, animals, cars, kids, food…. It’s best to stay on a short leash.

Look But Don’t Touch. There’s all kinds of cool stuff at the market. But remember that people will be taking this stuff home to eat. Some of them might not appreciate having your nose on their food.

Be Nice. Dogs should be polite to people and other dogs at the market, but you don’t have to say hi to EVERYONE. Let other dogs go about their business and be respectful of people who don’t get along with dogs.

Kids Are People, Too. Treat kids of all ages with respect. It’s up to you and your owner to be sure you and kids at the market get along, and you don’t let them get on your nerves.

Not all dogs belong at a farmers market. Dogs that can get aggressive with other dogs or people should stay home. Signs of stress like yawning and shaking, excessive drooling, licking, and panting, or a cowering or aggressive posture mean the busy market is not the place for you. You’ll be much happier out of the crowd.

With your good behavior and your owner’s good sense, you’re sure to have a great time at the market every week. Dog Days or not, it’s always a party at the SKY Market.

JD Bakery and Cafe will serve the breakfast from 7:00 am till 12:00pm! Also, fan them on facebook for more updates. Also, fan SKY Farmer’s Market facebook page while you are at it.

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