Kentucky CPS, The Local Credit Card Processor That Helps The Small Business Bottom Line.

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Monday, July 9th, 2012 1:00 PM CST

If you are a business owner you’ve probably gotten the call already this morning. Or that lovely “pop-in” from a bank or credit card processing agent. Well, in Bowling Green we’ve been lucky we have a local group in town who works solely on referrals and has saved hundreds of local businesses thousands on their credit Card Processing.

With the new Durbin Amendment that was passed in Washington D.C. there has been a reduction in processing costs. With this Kentucky Card Payment Solutions has slashed many people’s bill around 30-45% with a simple review of your recent statement.

With the new amendment many of the current processors with Kentucky CPS will see an additional estimated $1,000 per year savings (that’s an average). If you own a business, it may be time to give them a call and see if you too can save money, dial 303-4982 and ask for Matt.

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