“Hey Sweet Tea” From Tea Squares Features, Earl Grey Tea! You’ll Want to Read This Tea Lovers.

By Theresa Shea and Mary Hammond
Monday, July 9th, 2012 9:00 AM CST

The Below is a series that was written in the SOKY Happenings by Theresa Shea owner of Tea Squares and Mary Hammond Certified Herbalist at Tea Squares and is an educator of herbal practices. We will feature it here because the information is very valuable:

Hey, Sweet Tea… I had my tea leaves read the other day, and it was fun. How do they interpret all those squiggles at the bottom of my cup? -Earl Grey.

Hey, Earl…  I took a class recently on Tasseography, the art of tea leaf reading, and it was a lot of fun… and easy to do. Here were some of the highlights.
1. Add one-teaspoon loose-leaf tea to one cup of water. While tea is steeping, ask a question that you want to have answered.
2. After it has steeped, drink the tea, but don’t swallow the leaves. Leave a teaspoon of liquid in the cup.
3. Gently swirl the teacup. The tea will stick to the side of the cup.
4. Turn cup upside down on a saucer. Then return the cup to its upright position.
5. The reader (can be you) then looks for obvious shapes. Different shapes mean different things. Some common shapes found are dots, animals, numbers and letters formed by the leaves.
6. What these symbols mean differs from reader to reader. There are books and resources online. A number could be significant to a day, date or time. An animal, like an elephant, can mean travel or power. A ladder could signify advancement. A letter can point to a person or place. And if they look like a mess of leaves in the bottom of a cup, you may want to try a tea that is more broken up, like Assam or Ceylon.

The information provided in this article is intended solely to inform the reader. Please be certain to ‘know your herb’ before consuming it.

Hey, Sweet Tea is written and researched by Theresa Shea and Mary Hammond. Theresa and her husband, Greg, are tea lovers and owners of Tea Squares on Fountain Square Park in Bowling Green, KY. Mary is the Certified Herbalist at Tea Squares and is an educator of herbal practices, based on traditional folk medicine, indications of historical uses of herbs and scientific information. To have your tea, tisane and herbal questions answered, please email us at info@teasquares.com.

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