Fresh Produce from O’Daniel’s Farm and SKY Farmer’s Market Available for Saturday Pick-up. Order Today!

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Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012 12:00 PM CST

We’ve mentioned before that O’Daniel Farms has a weekly email list you can sign up for and get weekly updates. This week the list available for pick-up is exactly what you’ve been missing from your kitchen. The deadline for ordering produce is 9am Thursday morning.  This deadline gives them ample time to harvest, wash, and package your orders:

Tomatillo  $3/pint
Garlic Bulbs $1/each
Green Bell Peppers $1/each
Green Giant Marconi  Peppers $1/each
Eggplant $.75/each  purple Long slender type
White eggplant $.75/each
Carrots $3/bunch
Carola Glold Yellow fleshed potatoes $3/lb
Red Potatoes  $3/lb
White Potatoes $3/lb
Cherry Tomatoes $3.75/pint
Red Slicing Tomatoes $3/lb
Round Green Cabbage $2/head
Sayoy Cabbage $2/head
Red Cabbage $2/head
White Superstar Onion $2.50/lb  Sweet  (Tennis ball to baseball size)
Red Candy Onions $2.50/lb  (Tennis ball to baseball size)
Yellow Granex Onions $2.50/lb  (Tennis ball to baseball size)(Same variety used to grow “Valdalia”)
Green Onions $2/bunch
Red Onions $2/bunch
Green Curly Kale $2.50/half lb.
Swiss Chard (Bright Lights) $2.50/half lb.
Fresh cut herbs  $1.00/sandwich bag.  Choose from the following:   Basil, Rosemary, French Tarragon, Flat Parsley,  Curly Parsley, Mint, Garlic Chives, Creeping Thyme,  Lemon Thyme,  Cutting Celery,  and Oregano.
Free range eggs  $4.00/doz 
Frozen Pastured Pork (vacuum packaged)
Ground Pork Patties 3/package   $6.49/lb  1lb approx. 
Ground Pork          $5.99/lb  1lb approx. 
Pork Chops           $8.95/lb     2 per package, 7/8″ thick
Spare Ribs            $5.99/lb     3 lb package approx. 
Shoulder Roast       $5.99/lb     3 lb package approx
Ham Roast Boneless Netted $ 7.49/lb  2lb to 6lb package approx.
Sausage, slicing     $5.99/lb     Mild or Medium (Your choice) 1lb packages approx
Stuffed Sausage     $6.99/lb     Mild or Medium (Your choice) 1lb packages approx.
Ham Cutlets           $7.95/lb     Great lightly breaded and fried. 
Bacon Sliced          $6.99/lb       1lb packages approx.
Smoked Jowl bacon  $6.99/lb     1lb packages approx (sliced)
Chorizo Sausage       $7.49/lb  1lb packages package
Chorizo Sausage        $7.49/lb  1lb packages with 4 links per package
Zesty Italian Sausage    $7.49/lb  1lb packages with 4 links per package
Sweet Italian Sausage  $7.49/lb   1lb packages with 4 links per package
Bratwurst                 $7.49/lb   1lb packages with 4 links per packages
Pork Tenderloin        $8.95/lb   2lb to 4.5 Lb packages
Baby Back Ribs        $7.99/lb   .50lb to 2lb packages approx.
Neck Bone                $3.99/lb   2lb packages approx.
These cuts come from our pastured pork that receive grain and receive no antibiotics or growth hormones.  The sausage is made with no MSG.  The pigs were processed at Boone’s Butcher shop in Bardstown, Ky which is a USDA inspected facility.
Frozen Pastured Chickens     Whole Chicken $3.99/lb.  Whole Cut-up Chicken $4.59/lb.  Breast(Bone-in) Two/package $7.99/lb.  Dark meat package $4.83/lb (Contains 2 each Leg, Thigh, and Wings).  Stock package $2/lb (Contains 4 each Neck and Back.)

These chickens are meat birds that are raised on pasture but also eat grain that we provide.  Average processed weight is 3.5lbs to 6lbs per bird.  These birds are antibiotic and hormone free.  Chickens raised with this method are tender and delicious.  They are in a nice vacuum packaging.  Processing is done at a USDA facility here in Warren County   


Grass finished Angus beef available by the package.  Our animals never eat any grain, and are never given any antibiotics or growth hormones.  The beef is processed at Boone’s Butcher Shop in Bardstown, KY  which is a USDA approved facility for retail sales.  All beef that we offer is frozen.
Grass-fed beef is lower in fat and calories, and higher in important vitamins such as beta-carotene and vitamin E, than beef finished on grain.  Grass-fed beef has 2-6 times more of the good fat called omega-3 fatty acids.
All prices per lb.  Roast come in approximately 3lb packages.  Steaks come 2 per package except round and sirloin which come 1 per package.


Stew Meat           $6.49
Round Steak    $7.49  
Short Ribs        $3.99
Rump Roast     $6.99
Shoulder roast    $5.99
T-bone                $14.99
Ribeye           $14.99
New York Strip $14.99  
Sirloin             $9.99 
Top Sirloin     $9.99
Sirloin Tip        $9.99
Brisket             $7.99
Kidney              $3.99 
We’ve enjoyed working with the Farmer’s Market this season. Check them out online. Fan SKY Farmer’s Market on facebook. SKY Farmers Market is open Tuesday 7am till 1pm and Saturday 7am till noon.  Located at 5th and High Streets on The Medical Center Campus this years market will feature all the old vendors plus several new vendors as well.

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