The Candle Maker’s On The Square Candles Are Good Till The Last Light!

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Wednesday, June 27th, 2012 2:00 PM CST

We’ve discussed the brilliance of a Candle Maker’s Candle before but it bares repeating. Many ask what kind of candles Candle Maker’s use and how long will the fragrances last? Well, they are Parisian candles and the ones that are poured at Candle Makers in Bowling Green are built to keep their fragrance.

Some places use soy candles but they are not capable of keeping their fragrance strength. Candle Makers also hand pours their candles in a 24 hour process to create a candle perfect for you. Compare that with dipped candles where most dipped candles only have fragrance on the outside layer.

When you buy your candles on the square you should feel good knowing they are triple scented and contain 10% fragrance no matter the size of the candle. That means they are 6 times stronger than your typical commercial candles (no matter the cost of the candle). Commercial candles have only portions that contain fragrance where as the craftsmanship and time put in at Candle Makers on the square allows fragrance to be placed all through the candle.

This allows you to enjoy the candle’s fragrance the same way, no matter if it’s the last time you burn it or the first time you light the candle. Check them out on the square at 417 Park Row. You can also call them at 843-3001. Make sure you get on their email list and check their facebook page out.

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