Why As A Guy, We Are Seeking Out Traditional Barbershops. That’s Why We Were Glad To Find Classic Cuts and Shaves.

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Thursday, June 21st, 2012 1:00 PM CST

Can we be real about the way us guys see things? There is just something that seems right about waiting for a haircut and/or shave that feels more like it should at a Barber Shop. As much as us guys like being around women, there is something to be said for not having to watch girls walk around with foil on their head when waiting for our haircut. In a way, we long for a place of our own.

Guys want their hair to look nice, just like the ladies and enjoy our time in the chair. In a Barber Shop, like the one our dad went to and the one our grandfather went to and great grandfather….. you get the point. Around the 1980’s the big chain salon/haircutters killed the barber shop culture. Or so they thought. Slowly but surely, we are (as men) rediscovering our roots and throwing away the cattle call in the local shopping center. It’s coming back, the classic barber shop and coming back strong. In Bowling Green we have a great place to rediscover the time tested tradition of barber shops, Classic Cuts and Shave. Tracey and Terry are bringing great looks that have been tried and true through the years but also at the same time offering great straight shaves.

We recently visited Classic Cuts and Justin at Spencer’s Coffeeshop was nice enough to let us take photos of his time in the chair:

Classic Cuts and Shaves (Click Link to Fan Page) is a great place to get a shave and a hair cut. Also, to be more in touch with the buy local community, fan the page!

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