Warren County Public Library Hosts Actress/Writer Mary McDonough.

By Jayne Pelaski, www.warrenpl.org
Friday, June 8th, 2012 11:00 AM CST

Mary McDonough was part of one of the most beloved families in television history. Just ten years-old when she was cast as the pretty, wholesome middle child Erin, Mary grew up on the set of The Waltons.  Now, as the first cast member to write about her experiences on the classic series, she candidly recounts the joys and challenges of growing up Walton in her new book Lessons from the Mountain.

In her book, McDonough shares the story of her overnight transformation from a normal kid in a working class, Irish Catholic family, to a Hollywood child star. She reveals intimate memories of life in and around that idyllic Virginia farmhouse (really a Warner Brothers back lot in Burbank)—sneaking off to steal candy from Ike Godsey’s store; developing crushes on guest stars; trying to crack up cast members during takes; and most of all, forming a tight-knit second family who played, worked, hugged, and squabbled together.

But in the years that followed the show’s long run, as McDonough tried to reinvent herself, she found herself battling depression and personal insecurities amplified by her celebrity. Gradually she gained the courage to stand up not just for herself taking on a new role as an activist for women’s body image issues.

“We are so excited to have Mary speak at our library,” says library director Lisa Rice. “For those of us who grew up watching Erin Walton, it is a treat to have her here to discuss her book.”

Mary McDonough will speak in the activity hall next to the Main Library on Tuesday, July 10 at 6:00 p.m.  Free tickets to this event are available at all library locations and by email:  jaynep@warrenpl.org.  For more information, call 270-781-4882 or visit www.warrenpl.org.

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