Labold and Sons Featured Selections of the Week: Turquoise Jewelry, Big Head Studios Artwork, Antique Jewelry and Clothes and More.

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Wednesday, March 21st, 2012 7:00 AM CST

Come step into a joyful piece of the past where you can poke around, feast your eyes, and maybe find a piece of history to take home with you. It’s a carnival, a museum, a treasure hunt, a trip through time three stories high. Come often, because everything old is new again.

Today’s Treasures:

Classy Vintage Gold Dress and Black Derby Hat!

Call it the “Full Marine” because this display is filled with great military history!

Big Head Studios Original or Hunter S. Thompson.

A great Charlie Chaplin piece by Big Head Studios.

Most have to order Print Mafia online, Not at Labold and Sons.

A great Elvis piece by Big Head Studios.

Turquoise Jewelery is a Specialty at Labold and Sons!

More Jewelery.

Beautiful Antique pieces.

Siam Sterling is a much sought piece of jewelry you’ll find at Labold and Sons.

Also, Vintage Texas pennants! Great for your Man Cave!

Labold and Sons has really become a friend to the “Buy Local” community and over the next year we hope the city embraces their unique shop as they develop their concept. Located at 326 E. Main Ave. currently you can fan them on facebook.

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