Candle Makers On The Square Featuring the Work of Nathan Long For Friday’s Gallery Hop! Plus Deals on Green Candles For St. Patrick’s Day.

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Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 7:00 AM CST

Nathan Long is not a new name if you’ve been following us the past year. We featured him a couple times with his “Deadman Shoes” project and art at Candle Maker’s On The Square. He will also be featured this week during Friday’s Gallery Hop. Here is a refresher on his work:

We talked with Nathan about his art that you can wear and where it all started. “I Started doing shoes probably 7 or 8 months ago. I was at the time drawing things on an old pair of pants and I had just made my own shirt a bit before that. So I thought I should finish the whole thing with a pair of my own shoes. When I showed my mom she gave me a pair of her shoes to do something to and it just built from there.

“A clock Nathan made, and he cut the wood himself. Painted in acrylic and will have a counterpart soon. The Digital Robot Clock. It has battery powered clock and is meant to be wall mounted.”

When you see his artwork, from shoes to wood, you see a style that is very modern. We were interested in his background and what inspired his art work. “Things like “Ahh! Real Monsters” inspired me. I have no formal College background in art. So, I’m self taught through filling lots of sketch books and receipt paper from when I work at a grocery store. One artist I’ve been inspired by since I was in middle school is Alex Pardee, His work has influenced my style over the years.”

Some of you may wonder where you can get a hold of Nathan to get either a piece of art or commission a pair of shoes. We know we did, “Well the best way to get in touch is through facebook,” said Nathan. As far as looking to order some shoes I do most of that through an account on Etsy.

“More awesome shoes.”

Nathan does most of his work by commission. Come to him with an idea he will help create it with his vision. He does not do copyright material so, no “Tinkerbell” or “Buzz Lightyears.” But, that doesn’t mean he can’t do a spaceman or fairy. As it gets warmer he will start to do some painting on wood.

Well, now you don’t have to commission him or contact him through etsy. You can walk right down to Fountain Square and check his work out at Candle Makers on The Square!

Also, on St Patrick’s Day, ALL of our green candles will be 10% off, and I am commemorating the month by putting a green candle the scent of the week every week in March. 

Scents of The Month:

March 12th-18th:Fried Green Tomatoes

March 19th-25th:Cactus Cooler

March 26th- April 1st:Cucumber Melon

Check them out at Candle Makers On The Square at 417 Park Row. You can also call Candle Makers at 843-3001. Make sure you get on their email list and check their facebook page out.


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