Candle Makers On The Square Is Now Featuring Nana’s Nest! Plus 75% off Puzzles and 20% off Christmas Fragrances.

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Wednesday, January 11th, 2012 7:00 AM CST

Candle Makers On The Square are closing out some of their Christmas items with a 20% off Christmas Fragrances and doing the unthinkable and selling their puzzles for a major discount of 75%. Now is the time to check out their sale going on this week.

Also, while in there check out Nana’s Nest. “Nana’s Nest” began in the spring of 2010 when sixty-one year old Carol Burt decided to join the local Farmer’s Market in Bowling Green, Kentucky. “Nana”, as she is called by her grandchildren, did not grow vegetables, but she did have another product interesting to the crowds at the Market. Nana is a woodworker who rescues trees brought down by ice storms, high winds or by tree trimmers that need a place to dispose of trees cut in her neighbors’ yards. The logs that are not milled into lumber are cut into manageable pieces with a chainsaw by her husband, Charlie. Nana then spends hours sanding and finishing the pieces to bring out the natural color and insect “damage”. Nana says, “No piece is ever the same, so it never gets boring to work on the trees. Besides, I feel like I am “giving trees a second life”, which is my motto, so my work fits with the “green movement” important to the environment.”

She and her husband often dreamed in their thirty-nine year-old marriage of building a log home, but they are now content with their country-type home nestled in the trees. She satisfies the log home desire as she creates her log cabin doll houses. So far, each cabin has been a little different from the first one since she does not use a blueprint of any kind. The first one just “planned itself” as she started putting logs together to see what would turn out. The process is very time-consuming since it begins with hauling a downed tree from the woods of Kentucky. After that job is done, the trees are taken to a small sawmill and after Nana lets them dry in one of her many stacks of wood, each “log” goes through a 5-step process before it is settled into its’ little log cabin.

Here is some of her work and more featured at Candle Maker’s:

Check them out at Candle Makers On The Square at 417 Park Row. You can also call Candle Makers at 843-3001. Make sure you get on their email list and check their facebook page out.

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