Restore That Photo of A Loved One Getting Married, Family Vacation, Graduation for a Special Christmas Gift! Photo Restoration from B&J Gallery!

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Wednesday, December 7th, 2011 1:00 PM CST

Each of us has a family ancestry that is deeper than we might imagine. For most families, this includes many genealogy photos and memorabilia. Recently a cousin of mine found an old portrait of our family picking cotton in the early 1910’s. Wanting to preserve this valuable keepsake, he chose to bring it to his old photo restoration specialists.

The place he used was very similar to our very own B&J Gallery. What type of genealogy photos do people want restored that would make a great gift?  Family photos, grandparents’ wedding photos, snapshots of family vacations, and old military photos are the most common photos they restore. When it comes to photo restoration, there are endless numbers of old photos in need of retouching or copying to preserve and share with your family and the next generations. Many people are interested in their family tree and spend a lot of time tracing their ancestry, which often turns up additional old photos in need of repair.

You know there is someone in the family that is so hard to shop for. Admit it, every family has one or two…. or eight. Well this year why not give a unique gift of family history restored with Photo Restoration from B&J Gallery!



Need a Really Unique Gift Idea?  Why not have a favorite Snapshot turned into a cartoon.


They can also perform various edits like removing people, fixing red eye, removing items from the background, fixing blemishes, and many more Just ask!  The sooner you get the photos in the faster you can get them back so we are not having to rush around before the Holidays.  Also the more time they have to get the work completed the more economical for you!

Before Hollywood Glam Resized

Edited Hollywood Glam Resized

Put more art in the lives of your family and friends with a gift from B&J Gallery. Hurry into their store on 107 Nellums Ave. off Fairview Avenue. They are also online at www.bandjgallery.com and on facebook.

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