Unique Gifts, Small Gifts or Dirty Santa Gifts…. It All Can Be Found At Labold and Sons Spot Cash!

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Monday, December 5th, 2011 11:00 AM CST

Dirty Santa, someone you need a small gift or unique gift for…. well, Labold and Sons Spot Cash is your place to shop. That’s why so many people are checking out the deals they find at Labold and Sons Spot Cash. This weeks items are really cool and perfect for the office party to get conversations going:

Vintage books that are great reads and cool to look at.

Jewelry and Accessories abound the store.

Unique pieces like this one, “Chinese Checkers.”

Unique Coffee mugs to fit the personality of who you are buying for. What did Louis C.K. say about CINNaBon?

Salt and Pepper shakers and other interesting items!

Framed Pin-Up Girls!

All Vinyl is $4.

Cool Print Mafia Art Prints.

Labold and Sons has really become a friend to the “Buy Local” community and over the next year we hope the city embraces their unique shop as they develop their concept. Located at 326 E. Main Ave. currently you can fan them on facebook.

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