Why Support Local Farms For Holiday Meals? Consulte with Kentucky Proud, SKY Farmer’s Market, Bowling Green’s Original Farmer’s Market and Community Farmer’s Market.

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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 1:00 PM CST

I love Thanksgiving Day. It’s a day to relax, celebrate family and remind myself to be grateful for what I’ve received. The weather is usually pretty mild here in Kentucky, which means I can usually get outside and tinker, and of course there’s the feast.

But the deeper we get into researching where and how our nation’s food is grown, how it’s harvested and how it ultimately arrives at local markets, the more we’ve realized how vitally important it is to support local agriculture.

The environmental damage of growing and transporting food can be simply astounding, organic included. If you’re supporting organic agriculture, that’s a good thing. But you also have to think “eat local“. If you live in Bowling Green and you buy organic string beans shipped from Texas, you’ve helped to support a supply chain that stretches for roughly seven hundred miles and contributes significantly to our  environment and doesn’t support the local agribusiness.

Our 7 reasons for buying local food are simple:

  • Food is freshest and most flavorful.
  • Produced allowed to ripen longer, making it more flavorful.
  • Puts a face behind the product on our table. Many local farmers we see at Farmer’s markets and other places around town. You can see the direct benefit of buying local.
  • Supports the Local Economy and Businesses.
  • Lower Transportation Costs.
  • Promotes sound environmental practices.
  • Promotes and supports responsible land development and preservation of valuable green space.

To find some of the local Kentucky Proud producers click here. Or you can check out local vendors from Sky Farmer’s Market, Community Farmer’s Market or Bowling Green’s Original Farmer’s Market.

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