Bowling Green Favorite Things To Do Halloween Week! Jackson’s Orchard, Farmer’s Market, Haunted Houses, Trunk-or-Treat and So Much More!

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Monday, October 24th, 2011 7:00 AM CST

Halloween is next Monday but we figured now is a good time to look at the many ways to celebrate “Summer’s end.” With a town celebrity returning last week it also reminds us of the great movies John Carpenter have made specifically for this season of fright. So, we decided to create our 5 favorite Halloween week activities:

1. Pick the perfect Pumpkin at Jackson’s Orchard or from your local Farmer’s Market/Farms. We all know how important that big orange face is to set the mood for the week. That’s why we know that those beauties are worth the money, just make sure you support local producers like Jackson’s Orchard or one of your local Farmer’s Markets/Farms.

2. A visit to Skeleton’s Lair or The Massacre at KOA campground. NO WAY WILL YOU SEE THIS WRITER THERE! I’m kind of a wimp on that stuff but hands down it’s known to give a freight to whoever visits. Also, the Warren County Asylum Haunted House on Reservoir Hill is going on to help raise money for Relay for Life.

3. Truck-or-Treat at Many area local churches. This is a really popular way to trick-or-treat in a very safe and fun environment. Often times put on by our local churches and 3 have submitted their info to us. Broadway United Methodist will have theirs Sunday from 4:30pm-6pm on the Melrose Campus. St. James United Methodist and Living Hope Baptists will have theirs from 5pm-7pm on Monday.

4. ‘Bat Boy The Musical’ at The Capitol Theater or The Public Theatre of Kentucky’s ‘It Was a Dark and Stormy Night.’ ‘It Was a Dark and Stormy Night,’ a shameless spoof loaded with laughs and thrills. The creepy, haunted Ye Olde Wayside Inn oozes New England Gothic atmosphere and never has guests. Several intruders from the outside world are forced to seek shelter.When the wind howls and the lights flicker, the chilling time begins. The Weekly World News 1992 story about Bat Boy, a half-boy, half-bat found living in a cave inspired writers Keythe Farley and Brian Flemming to write a stage adaptation. They were joined by American composer/lyricist Laurence O’Keefe and their first production premiered on Halloween, 1997. Now 14 years later the Capitol Arts Alliance present it for your enjoyment!

5. A John Carpenter Movie Marathon at your home. One way to enjoy the genius of Halloween is a film festival of sorts with the John Carpenter Catalog. Many of the movies are available on discount at Great Escape Records and Comics. Everyone knows “Halloween” but you also may want to try “They Live,” “The Fog,” “The Thing,” “Christine,” “Ghost of Mars,” “Prince of Darkness” and Many More. There is even a tour put on by the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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