Werner Lowe and Betty Thomas Interiors: “Modern Home Interiors!”

By Steve Rose, Werner Lowe,
Monday, October 17th, 2011 11:00 AM CST

Homeowners today are increasingly finding it necessary to make full use of modern home interior designs which help them to create clean as well as uncluttered interiors. In addition, properly chosen these designs will ensure greater variety in terms of type of furnishings and it also helps to create an entirely new look that is very pleasing to the eye. Modern home interior design means that you have to create a clean and simple as well as sleek look. This means that you normally will not include ornate furniture or very intricately woven patterns in your fabric; rather, the accent would be to use solidity of colors and straight lines as well as geometric shapes.

Simplicity Is Essential 

In modern home interior design there are plenty of clean lines used in the furnishings and simplicity is the essential aspect to keeping the designs contemporary. In addition, wood is however not so commonly used and if used the lines must be sleek and in addition the tones need to dovetail well with the décor. What’s more darkened woods such as, walnut, mahogany, and mango would be appropriate for such designs.

Metal is of course ideally suited for modern home interior design, and examples of this can be seen when centerpieces such as sculptures made from steel are used in a room while vases and even bowls made from metal or mercury glass can also add a welcome contrast to the décor.

Though most people associate modern home interior designs with neutral colors you can also infuse some rich color in the décor, especially when used in certain key areas in the room that will then add some welcome creativity to the interiors. For example, crimson red couches with a table constructed from chrome as well as acrylic, or bamboo can do wonders for the modern look; or you can use a blind divider made from deep colored burgundy and place this in the middle of a room which will then create a very pleasing effect.

The bottom line is that modern home interior design means creating calmness and cleanliness and these two elements are central to every such design. If you want to ensure getting the most out of your home design concept then you should use the  assistance of an interior designer, to handle your project, this is normally the best way. This method ensures that results of your modern interior design project will be done to perfection.

Here at The Design Center, Betty Thomas of Betty Thomas Interiors and Steve Rose of Werner-Lowe, have everything you need to create the look you want for that special place you call “Home.” We are designer friendly and open to the public!

Check out Werner Lowe online or on facebook as well as Betty Thomas on facebook. Also, Werner Lowe is located at 661 US 31W Bypass Suite B or by phone 270.796.2683.

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