Buy Local Bowling Green Loves Everybody! Thanks For A Great First 9 Months & A Reminder To Pick Up Magazine!

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Tuesday, September 27th, 2011 11:00 AM CST

We were looking at our videos we’ve produced this year and it’s very humbling to see how many people have supported us! We know people aren’t always enthusiastic to be recorded so we do really want to thank them and thank you the readers. You have been so kind to give us time out of your day and also to readjust your lives to make an effort to buy from more local businesses!


So, we’ve put the magazine out at the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, Lost River Cave and a couple of other place on top of our Partners locations and the response has been awesome. In fact, many locations have been replenished after they flew off the shelves! Thanks to you the readers we are going to keep doing the magazine.

We’ll add locations to the places below as we prepare for the next edition. Again, we thank you for our thousands of readers who read us weekly. We did have one error in the magazine under Marsch Inspirations. Like the great partners they are, they decided to let you benefit from our mistake. If you can find the error from their section…. bring it in and get $5 off your purchase!

You can find them at these Partners and Gallery at 916 and Tea Squares:

To be involved with future magazines contact Matt Pannell at mepannell@gmail.com also, don’t forget to fan us on facebook!

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