Bowling Green Favorites with WDNS’ Mellow Matt! Favorite Bowling Green Recording Artists of All Time!

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Monday, September 26th, 2011 7:00 AM CST

For the 34th installment of our series we wanted to hit on a topic we’ve heard discussed many time, who is the best Bowling Green (yes, we include Warren County) recording artists of all time. Since Matt Pfefferkorn runs Great Escape and has his own show on D93 we’d figure he’s as good as anyone to ask this question. We will put this in no particular order but these are his 5 with no particular order:

1. Government Cheese:


2. Sam Bush:


3. Cage The Elephant:


4. Toxic Shock.

5. Fat Box:


As we were making the list Matt also reminded us a new group from Bowling Green is releasing their album tomorrow. The band Sleeper Agent has a CD coming out Tuesday and could easily put on many people’s top 5:


Any of these 5 (starting tomorrow 6) artists you can find music for at Great Escape Records and Comics. A great supporter of local music we thank Matt Pfefferkorn (Mellow Matt) for the time and guts to put his list out there!

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