Civil War 150: “Kentucky Museum.” An Important Museum For All Of Bowling Green To Visit!

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Thursday, September 22nd, 2011 11:00 AM CST

As a keeper of my family genealogy I have spent some time on the second floor of the Kentucky Museum. A public place that helps families from all over trace the roots of Ancestors in Kentucky and around the region. The Kentucky Museum also houses one of the best Civil War museums in our state, helping us trace our civil war roots as a city and a community.

Our local Convention and Visitors Bureau describes it this way:

This building houses the Kentucky Library, the Kentucky Museum and the Civil War and Southern History Research Collection.  In addition to the vast resources including manuscripts, books, newspapers and artifacts, the Museum hosts a permanent Civil War exhibit, “A Star in Each Flag:  Conflict in Kentucky.”  A small admission fee is charged at the Museum.

Some of the items that exist inside the Kentucky Museum are pretty fantastic. You’ll find swords, flags, period pieces from regular citizens and other military items. The one item that stuck out to me (and shocked me that it was in there) was Confederate General John Hunt Morgan’s saddle:

“Civil War in A Star in Each Flag: Conflict in Kentucky” exhibit is a proud achievement by our local University. This compelling exhibit shows us how Kentucky– A border state with strong ties to both north and south–was caught in the middle and how families struggled through these trying times.

More so, The Kentucky Museum has done their duty by reminding us of our past and for us to learn from it. We are given a picture of how the city, region and state was divided so drastically that it split families, churches and friendships.

Although I show the confederate artifacts in photos, there is a great section (more than one panel) on the slaves of the time period and how many went on after slavery to shape our nation even more. It truly is a respectful and well done exhibit.

Also check out the Civil War Trail (website link for trail) via the Convention and Visitors Bureau or Kentucky Museum on WKU’s Campus.

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