Werner Lowe and Betty Thomas Interiors Transform Some of Your Older Christmas Décor Into Newer Treasures by Using A Bit of Imagination.

By Steve Rose, Werner Lowe,
Wednesday, September 14th, 2011 7:00 AM CST

Soon it’s going to start to look a lot like Christmas, we know you want your home to be decorated the proper way? If you’re not ready, don’t fret, you still have time to plan for the best looking Christmas. Although now is a good time to work on your collection of Christmas items that will eventually form part of your décor.

If you’re like some people, you may stroll the stores to see the newest theme in holiday decorating and perhaps add to your décor from years past. If you’re really creative, you can transform some of your older décor into newer treasures by using a bit of imagination. Or if you’re having a hard time coming up with ideas don’t hesitate to call Werner-Lowe & Betty Thomas Interiors and ask for one of our qualified designers to assist with your Holiday decorating. Whatever the case may be, know that your decorating theme should suit your lifestyle.

Don’t be afraid to tie in your Christmas decorating with your home’s everyday
décor, i.e., pick up the colors in your patterned drapery or upholstered furniture-
don’t just follow trends. For example, if your décor is based on white or ivory
tones, you may want to complement it with tiny white lights, flowers, cream
colored candles and natural greenery. Perhaps you may want to add crystal or
glass ornaments to give your décor extra sparkle. If your décor is in the earth
tones, you may want to accent with copper and bronze ornaments. If your
tendency is toward jewel toned fabrics-emerald green, ruby red, gold, dark purple and sapphire blue ornaments will all complement your theme. And remember, it’s nice to have a color scheme, but don’t be afraid to add a piece or two that are a little different from your theme, either in color or style, this will promise to add a touch of whimsy to your décor.

Theme trees are still popular, the following exquisite color combinations are
guaranteed to showcase your tree throughout Christmas: white and silver, copper and bronze, burgundy and gold, ivory and gold, jewel tones or all pastels. Mini white lights will look best with all color combinations with the exception of the jewel tones and pastels, where the traditional multi-colored lights will work

For many people, holiday decorating at home brings back memories of plastic or
homemade Santas, snowmen, red, green and gold, with twinkle lights abound.

But taking holiday decorating to a new level is the goal as homeowners strive to
put a sense of elegance and grace into your home in the depth of winter. Just remember to enjoy your home! Make it personal, be smart, design smart,
live well. Share your space with others during these wonderful holidays.

Now as we know Betty Thomas Interiors and Werner-Lowe Fine Gifts have partnered on a new venture and they have opened at their location of 661 31W Bypass, The Design Center, which will offer a total design concept with qualified designers available to assist you. The Design Center is available to everyone and is designer friendly. So don’t hesitate to call for any of your design needs at 270-796-5928 or 270-781-4942.

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