Vegan Monday Starts Today at Tea Squares!

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Monday, September 12th, 2011 11:00 AM CST

I know it’s not Wednesday. I know we usually have a set time to talk about Vegan lifestyles. Well, good news for you Vegans. It’s Monday and Vegan day. Confused? Well, it’s pretty simple. Tea Squares understands how hard it is to be a Vegan and so on Mondays they will cater to the lifestyle free of animal products.

This first week they will feature a chocolate with a white chocolate ganache. They will also have Soy that can be added to drinks. Also, their fruit smoothies are great for Vegans. For your non-Vegan friends coming with you they will still have some of the cakes that Bowling Green is raving about:

Bananananner – sweet bananans are baked into this light cake that is crowned with a buttercream vanilla frosting.

Big Red Chocolate Velvet – They make theirs with a LOT of cocoa powder, then dust the traditional cream cheese frosting with more cocoa powder. You have got to try this one to believe how yummy red velvet can truly be.

ChocoLotto – dark chocolate cake baked with dark chocolate chips and topped with dark chocolate frosting.

Vegans or non-vegans will love Tea Squares. Come by Monday and try the new Vegan menu items. If it’s successful, I’m sure they will add more items on more days! Fan them on Facebook if you want more updates!

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