Wilco, Willie, RUSH and Daft Punk Vinyl All 25% off As Well As Posters At Great Escape Records and Comics!

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Wednesday, August 31st, 2011 11:00 AM CST

There is nothing like the touch, smell or sound of vinyl, records that is. It’s experienced is only heightened after an hour or so digging through a stack of records to find that perfect gem you’ve long since forgotten. Well, you are in luck…. it gets better. Just left Great Escape and right now they have all gently used (basically anything not new) vinyl records for 25% off. If you are a WKU student who needs to redecorate the room or apartment, the posters are 25% off.

They just got a large buy in of vinyl records. The biggest of the pull was Wilco, Willie Nelson, RUSH and Daft Punk. So, it can really compliment whatever your taste may be. Also, 25% is their back issued comics:

I sold some 1970’s Jonah Hex issues to Great Escape a couple months back and they are awesome and now 25% off. Really, What are you waiting for? A song to entice you?


Geddy Lee, Greatest Canadian Ever?



All of this is now available and much much more at Great Escape Records and Comics! Great Escape Records and Comics is located 2945 Scottsville Rd, Ste B17 & 18. Check them out on facebook.

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