A Conversation with An Artist, Musician and Woodworker, Mark Whitley of Mark Whitley Limited Edition Furniture.

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Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011 7:00 AM CST

Just a short ride off the I-65 exit in Oakland sits a workshop that is making the world take notice. Take notice of great woodworking that is also art. Of course I am talking about the work of Mark Whitley owner of Mark Whitley Limited Edition Furniture.

A Great Bench for a Local Gallery in Bowling Green.

I am bias towards this chair. I love it.

We sat down with Mark recently to talk about really what makes him tick as an artist and a woodworker. Where his work is really getting back to the roots of our culture and the hardwork that gave many of us the prized family pieces we have in our homes. When we started this venture we wanted to feature people like Mark. He and the many artisans, farmers and hardworking local store owners of our county are what make us wonderfully unique. Hope you enjoy the Interview:


To contact Mark check his website out. Or you can get in contact with The Gallery at 916 here locally at 916 State Street, as they are his local representation.

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