Civil War 150: “Bowling Green Courthouse displaying Confederate Medal of Honors and Federal Army Officers.”

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Thursday, August 18th, 2011 9:00 AM CST

Downtown Bowling Green has many attractions and the courthouse is not really a historically significant place on the Civil War trail through Bowling Green. However there is a marker there recognizing Warren County’s Chief Union Civil War Officers and also lists those who received the Confederate Medals of Honor in 1863.

Confederate Medal Side

Union Officer Side.

Next to the marker is a beautiful tribute to soldiers from the area who served in other U.S. wars:

The Warren County Courthouse actually did not exist during the war but was built starting in 1867. Finished in 1869, it cost $125,000 to build and was the 3rd courthouse for Warren County. The courthouse still has the look it had when it opened in 1869. The original Victorian iron fence with limestone posts encloses the courthouse grounds. The interior of the courthouse has been majorly renovated but it’s nice to know the outside remains the same.

Now, rumor has it the courthouse was used for more than court proceedings. In it’s time it was a bit of a “social club.” Some local rumors say that lawyers in the past had crawled in the windows for late night card games. It also was the hub to find election results before we had so much access to information instantly.

If you want to skip ahead to get more detail or start learning more today, check out the Civil War Trail (website link for trail) via the Convention and Visitors Bureau or Kentucky Museum on WKU’s Campus.

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