The Art of PRINT MAFIA coming to a Gallery Hop Near You.

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Friday, July 29th, 2011 7:00 AM CST

The Third Gallery Hop of 2011 is in a couple of Fridays and this time they have a special showing of the work done by Print Mafia. As described on their website:

In 1997, Print Mafia came into reality. Producing a huge catalog of gig posters in diverse genres, Print Mafia has made stuff. And made more stuff. And made stuff from other stuff. From The Melvins to Marilyn Manson, from Jack White to John Mayer. Each individual poster, and this is a vital rule of Print Mafia’s work, is done by the hands of Jim or Connie and done with a personal creative investment to the particular event. Print Mafia admittedly has their own style: distorted, gruff, messy, and very much alive – but strive to make, for example, a Bruce Springsteen poster look like a Bruce Springsteen poster by Print Mafia, rather than a Print Mafia poster that might be for Bruce Springsteen.

Still rooted in Bowling Green, KY and still just the two of them as Print Mafia—Jim and Connie are surrounded by an epic group of families and friends that support (and often encourage) their pop culture obsessions with music, movies, television, cool junk, and especially the influences from their childhood in all of those fields. Classic, good pop culture is classic for a reason.

It is really nice that in Bowling Green we have a great art scene that is worth checking out and even buying from and the Gallery Hop helps us get exposed to the many artists that walk amongst us. Stop wasting time in box stores with reprints and get a unique piece that helps support our local artists. The Gallery Hop, now in its 4th season provides an excellent evening out to enjoy the Bowling Green art scene.  This year’s Brochure is available online and it’s a great resource to plan for upcoming events.  The 2011 Hop features 13 Independent Galleries, Studio Centers and Non-Profit Galleries who will open their doors five Friday evenings for the community to enjoy the arts.  Hop by these locations on June 3rd from 5:00 – 8:00 pm, ArtsACCESS Gallery, B&J Gallery, Candle Makers on the Square, Capitol Arts Center, Ellis Walker Gallery, The Gallery at 916, Greener Groundz, Ivan Wilson Fine Arts Center Gallery – WKU, Kentucky Museum – WKU, Memphis Marsha’s Art Gallery & Classes, The Pots Place Co-op Studio and Gallery, Pushin Building Artist’ Studio, and The Presbyterian Church.

Some of the work by PRINT MAFIA and so much more can be seen on their website and on Facebook. Check out the Gallery Hop on Facebook and their website!

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