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Thursday, July 7th, 2011 12:00 PM CST

When you think of great blogs, I must admit, I don’t think of a college bookstore. But, then again…. WKU Store did drop the word “book” which obviously meant they became 100x funnier. If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit the WKU Store blog known as Blanco’s Blog, you are missing great excerpts like this from Store Lore:

Check out all the WKU Store’s tall and small tales of anything we deem worthy of amusement.  Warning: If you have no sense of humor will not enjoy this page.

Lawndon Times: A Little Eddie Ray to Brighten Your Day (this from June 22, 2011)

As you read through, with patience to our phonetic Lawndon spellin, allow your mind to paint clear the vision of Eddie delivering each quote as he is strutting with all the confidence of a rooster—what Sears has named his “cock walk.”  Be eddie-fied.

-”If you’re gonna go swammin’, don’t put floaties around yer ankles cuz you’ll die.”

-”Some people might call me the songbird of imagination.”

-”Don’t hit me in my bend legs.” (bend legs=back of the knees)

-”Some guy is driving around in a ferrari because he invented the Snuggie.”

-While offering a gentlemanly bow and extending the hand to an imiganary girl, “I’d like to invite you to a mustache dance.”

-Referring to Jim’s rather bushy beard, “I don’t know how Jim does it with his…massive chin…”

-”I used to do so many different voices when I was a kid that I forgot what my voice sounded like…I was like, ‘Is that me talkin?’ “

-”I could rassle a cub to the ground–not a full grown bear, but a cub.”

-”I feel like I am boxed in by lines I can’t cross.  I am suffercatin’.”

-”If I were a drayess, I’d be a floral sundress–a short one.”

-Sarah: “Eddie, do you know the Highland Fling?” To which Eddie replies, “No, but I’ve always wanted to learn it–it’d be a good thing to add to my reservoir.”

-”Iam gonna put my pet snake, Arnold, here in my salchel.”  Seth asks him, “Did you just say ‘salchel’?”  Eddie answers: “Sometimes when I try to say stuff, it don’t come out right.”

-”The window to my soul needs a kickstand.”

–It’s a Repeat but such a Classic: “If you’re wondering why the tornado didn’t hit here, it’s because of these.” (he humbly shrugs after pointing to his bulging biceps)

 Favorite Bookstore Moments:

A good one to start: The recent “Hair Shaving” in which Lee was named official buzzer as Forrest sat caped in plastic with a crowd of gawkers clicking cameras to forever cherish this dare-made-real moment.  (Special thanks to Donnie for his awesome-while-it-lasted mustache and the initiation of said dare).

Thanks to Gnat (aka Amanda Bass) on the video below:


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  • Owensboro Campus Store will be CLOSED Thu. June 23rd & Fri. June 24th

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