Labold and Sons Salvage: Local Art Gallery & Vintage Boutique. Unique is too cliche’ to describe this place.

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Tuesday, June 28th, 2011 12:00 PM CST

Too bad Unique is an overused word. It really would be appropriate if it hadn’t been used so many times to describe businesses that stand out. Although when you go to “Labold and Sons Salvage: Local Art Gallery & Vintage Boutique” you get a special store that is part art gallery, part gift store, part vintage clothing and part catch all so, maybe we can just refer to it as “Labold.” This place is a Labold signature piece of someone who’s art I’ve noticed for a while. It’s not a consignment shop but, it has many elements that make up a consignment store.

Two things upon meeting store owner Danielle Labold you will notice is her energy and want to keep moving to the next great item. On the day we spent with her a few weeks ago we talked about her bringing in the local artist and celebrate posters of Print Mafia. A group that usually sells by special order will now be available at Labold and Sons.

Two of the many Print Mafia posters on display.

Danielle comes from an art background but, as you will soon find out she’s also got a bit of an eye for the charming. What some may see as junk or as odd she makes in her store look fresh and trendy. From her “around the house” sensible decorating items to ready to wear vintage clothing there is something for everybody, guy or girl, hipster or regular guy.

Danielle is a mother of two and a Bowling Green native. A few years back is where it really all began. Her husband’s grandmother gave Danielle some antique art supplies. She encouraged Danielle to draw and paint, no matter the subject. That’s how Danielle created a style that introduced me to her first works I came in contact with. What was created could be seen at Candle Makers on The Square. Her first work? Family pets in costume in silly poses. Now to see her expand to this store is pretty cool.

The display currently as you walk in is the 4th of July display. Not only does it have a “United States of Elvis Flag” but, had a display filled with things that would appeal to the young professional to grandma:

4th of July display

Vintage style and grace at affordable prices.

A very small sample of accessories.

From Labold to Your Home.

Plus, kudos to them for exposing this beautiful ceiling!

It was hidden for so many years. The store will feature boutique and vintage clothing in the $5 to $10 range, vintage books and antiques. Not to mention local art, coffee for customer from nearby Spencer’s Coffehouse and so much more. We are excited to see Labold and Sons over the next year develop their concept. Located at 320 E. Main Ave. you can fan them on facebook.

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