Werner Lowe: “There Is No Such Thing As Bad Color.”

By Steve Rose, Werner Lowe Fine Gifts,
Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011 7:00 AM CST

To start this article I would like to open with a paragraph quoted by the famous 1950’s and 1960’s textile designer Dorothy Liebes of Dorothy Liebes Designs.

“Seeing color is an art in itself as color inspiration is all around us. Filtering it is the key to creating memorable color palettes. Color is as personal as a fingerprint. Nothing will give you as much pleasure as finding the color palette that is you, or as a design professional, finding it for a client.”

In nature, color combinations seem so wonderfully effortless. Can we bring home freshness of a walk down a country road, the harmony of a meadow full of wildflowers, the beauty of a spectacular sunset or the easy elegance of shells scattered on a surf soaked beach.

Just remember before the predictions are cast “There is no such thing as a bad color.”

Colors forecasted for 2012:

The chameleon/neutral color story continues to be dominated by Gray. 

*Gray covers an entire spectrum of hues from dark charcoal to light pearl tones. * Gray will be considered a classic color similar to neutral black, and white, as the entire gray family is here to stay for a while.

Warm earthy colors are becoming more important as the need for comfort and security leads the consumer towards nostalgic feel-good colors. 

* New color palettes feature spicy reds, romantic burgundy wines, energetic oranges, glowing mustard yellows, and soft golden camel tones.

* Retro inspired avocado greens are making a modern comeback as warm olive and khaki tones.

*Browns reflect vintage leather colors emphasizing new golden undertones  replacing red based chocolate browns.

Blues continue to prove their long life span.

*Navy & cobalt deepen into dark ink blue.  Purples continue to show up as important accent colors.

* New tones will become more saturated moving towards blue, while continuing to compliment current lilac and plum tones.

Yellow has always found its way into the home decorating concept.

*Yellow in a darker or richer yellow emerging as a sunny accent color.

Pink has been popular for a while and will probably actually grow in its acceptance, especially very saturated pinks.

With this forecast established, we now wait and see what colors make it into home decor and which fall away as a passing trend. If only we had a crystal ball!

To wrap it up, I would like to remind everyone to think of Betty Thomas Interiors and Werner-Lowe Fine Gifts for your future design needs and gift ideas. We are offering a total design concept, including custom window treatments, upholstery, furniture, artwork, antiques, accessories and much more. If you would like to inquire about our design services please call 270-796-5928 or 270-781-4942 and ask for Betty Thomas or Steve Rose. Also fan Werner Lowe and Betty Thomas on facebook.

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